Many enthusiastic people write us to share the benefits they experience when using our service.
We are truly grateful for the positive feedback we receive every day from our customers.
Cherie Poitras-Brooks reviewed VisaHQ
Cherie Poitras-Brooks
Just use VISAHQ for my clients going to India, the team were fast and efficient, just what I need as an agent. Would definitely recommend them to my clients travelling where a VISA is needs. Thank you guys - Cherie. (on Facebook)
Rosalie Myers reviewed VisaHQ
Rosalie Myers
This is the first time I used Visa HQ for visa services. My Russian visa was done promptly and the delivery was exactly as they said in three days. Very, very important when you are leaving for the US, 5 days after getting your passport back to your door. (on Facebook)
Stefan H. reviewed VisaHQ
Stefan H.
I was very skeptical to go through a third party to obtain my Visa for China at first, but time was running out, and I could not go to Vancouver branch myself before my travel date. I ended up calling VisaHQ and they were very professional on the phone and answered all my questions.

I called back multiple times to get confirmation on how to fill out the forms, and each time they were very patient with me, and took the time to walk me through my concerns. I ran into complications generating the final form at the end of the process, and they told me just to send the form as is with any information they might need to clean up any mistakes I made on the form and provide additional details. When I the form to VisaHQ, I had even failed to sign the papers, but they were able to authorize the papers themselves by signing in another field.

Once the Visa form and my passport arrived at VisaHQ, they had it submitted to the Vancouver visa office the same day, picked it up from the Visa office the next day, and had it shipped back to my home the same day they picked it up from the Visa office. I even got a nice surprise of receiving a 10 year Visa when my package arrived.

In Summary: Incredible, fast, professional service from VisaHQ, and they went above and beyond my expectations. I certainly recommend them and will be using them again. (on Yelp)
Oleksiy Golovchenko reviewed VisaHQ
Oleksiy Golovchenko
I've got my visas done several times with VisaHQ Vancouver office, and I really liked the attitude of the staff. Fast service too. (on Google)
Wayne R Boonstra reviewed VisaHQ
Wayne R Boonstra
Excellent service!!! Communication throughout the process was fantastic. I used your Toronto, Ontario office many times and will continue to do so. Thanks!!! (on Facebook)
Heather B. reviewed VisaHQ
Heather B.
Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for making the impossible possible! You rushed me a visa in under 12 hours when I was stranded and in serious trouble in London, England! Due to an error by the airlines, I was denied boarding to India upon arrival in London because I did not have the proper paperwork. I run an NGO that makes an epic difference in childrens' lives in remote communities across the world. I was headed to India to complete some coursework that would allow me to make a difference in hundreds of thousands of kids' lives, but due to this airline error, I was stranded with no way to return to Toronto or continue on to Bangalore, India. I spoke to at least 10 people who told me it was impossible to continue my trip or get a visa in less than 5 days. They said that I would have to purchase a return ticket to Toronto at my own expense and forfeit the trip. I was devastated. However, I called John and VisaHQ, and they were the only ones anywhere in the world that could help me. Within 12 hours, I had the proper paperwork in hand and was able to get on a new flight to India in time. My deepest gratitude to John and VisaHQ for the prompt and compassionate service, and for making the impossible happen for me and the communities that I serve! My friends and I will be using VisaHQ to book all required travel visas in the future. Thank-you for the considerable difference you have made in my life and in the lives of all the kids that I impact!!!!
Tiffany E., Whitby, ON. reviewed VisaHQ
Tiffany E., Whitby, ON.
Thank you very much! And just to add in, you work for an awesome company. The level of customer service is great and I'll definitely be using you guys again!
Beverly C., Toronto, ON. reviewed VisaHQ
Beverly C., Toronto, ON.
VisaHQ is fantastic! They made getting a Visa to Brazil a non issue. The people in the Toronto office were polite and very accommodating. We were kept updated from the start to the finish and we received our visas and passports back in less than 2 weeks.
I will use them again and again and I also highly recommend them. Thank you VisaHQ
Andy S. , Barrie, ON reviewed VisaHQ
Andy S. , Barrie, ON
I had a very limited time to get my Visa for Brazil, Visa HQ expedited my request and using FedEx had my visa in less than 2 weeks. They kept me fully informed throughout the process. I would recommend them a very trouble free way to get a visa on short notice.
Richard Blake McCharles reviewed VisaHQ
Richard Blake McCharles
Thanks so much, John.
That did work out well for me. I appreciate the extra time you put on this one.
It should have been a tourist visa, actually. So Congo did get that right in the end. I'm tracking the DHL number now and will be at the hotel when it gets here. Looking forward to working with VisaHQ again next time.

Cheyenne Edward reviewed VisaHQ
Cheyenne Edward
This is the second time I have used visahq for my visa's. I am very happy for the help that you have given me. You were very gracious in helping me through this one. I am not very good on computers or printers so I have to get help to complete them. I will be making many more trips to china and will certainly be using you. I have also told me friends about and how helpful you have been and recommend that they use you for their travels in the future.
David Eaman (Collingwood, Ontario) reviewed VisaHQ
David Eaman (Collingwood, Ontario)
We received our passports (including accurate visas) today and would like to thank John Garcia and VisaHQ for the excellent service they provided.

The process could not have been completed in a more timely fashion and we were kept fully informed by e-mail as soon as each step was completed.

Very impressed!
Mr. Harvey Blackmore reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Harvey Blackmore
I write this message to let you know how pleased I am with Peter Giesbrecht & your services. More important than your great prices is your excellent service & comprehensive knowledge.

I have asked many (too ?) questions both in person & over the phone. Many of the countries I want to visit have different limitations & requirements, such as the need for proof of accommodation for the entire stay, different effective dates- date of issuance or date entry, that even with a 90 day visa, 1 must exit the country ever 29 days, etc.!!!

I have used you before (Brazil. Indonesia, East Africa), & I’ll use you again.
Mrs. Griffiths reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Griffiths
My dear Linda,just a note to let you know that my Passport,complete with Visa ,has arrived back safely.Thank you again for the quick and extremely efficient service.If and when I need a Visa again I will call on you,and also will tell my friends to do so.Thanks!
Mr. Akin-Agunbiade reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Akin-Agunbiade
VisaHQ is super awesome!!!
Mr. Boonstra  reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Boonstra
I have received my passport/visa and would like to thank you for the great service, as usual.
It is always a pleasure using VisaHQ. Since I will be returning to China at least every couple of years i will be using your services often.
Mrs. Johnson reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Johnson
Good Day,
We just received our passports and want to thank you for a job well done! This is the first time we have used your service and we are impressed with your efficiency, speed and especially the communication that kept us informed throughout the process. Thank you!
Mr. Hales reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Hales
I recently submitted my group passports to VisaHQ for processing to Uganda and Kenya for our upcoming mission/convocation trip to East Africa. I immediately received information back from VisaHQ of the problems with the passports having no more Visa pages. I went online to correct the problem and to submit the new applications for adding Visa pages and then left my office to go on vacation before my overseas travel started. Somehow, I omitted sending VisaHQ all of the required information. Carlos called me the very next morning to inform me that he had received the documents and to let me know that more was needed. I explained to him that I was away from my office and on vacation and I asked him if he could help me during the phone call. In an outstanding and eager way with high professionalism, he proceeded to assist me which allowed the processing to be completed in just a few minutes. His customer support was outstanding and I am very satisfied with the service he and VisaHQ provided.
Mr. Hansen reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Hansen
To whom it may concern,

I have had a good experience with the last few days. We did not notice our passports had expired until a few days ago and we are scheduled to leave for the UK the day after tomorrow. I have been invited to make a key address at a conference in England. My wife will accompany me and I have been looking forward to the trip for months. Getting a passport in a few days seemed to be an almost impossible task. We were fortunate to be able to work with Carlos at He has made personal calls a number of times to me to let me know how things were progressing and once he filled out a form for us, because I had gotten the wrong form off the internet. His following up with us was very helpful to settle my nerves as there are so many things I have to do to get ready, renewing a passport at the last minute was a lot of stress, but he pushed it through. I have never met Carlos in person, but the way he handled things provided much relief for me and I thank him.
Mr. Joseph reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Joseph
Getting a visa to Russia can be be a very confusing task. And finding a company you can trust to get it done for you can be a little scary. VisaHQ was fantastic to work with. They communicated with me every step of the way and made the process painless and effortless. I highly recommend VisaHQ. Thank you so much!
Mrs. Bell reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Bell
I merely wish to repeat that your business procedures are miles beyond any of your competitors. As a very frequent traveler to remote parts of the world I have had many sad experiences with many of them. Based on some real sad past experiences I fully expected to have the passport held hostage until I paid "X" amount for some phony charge that had been overlooked. So....all is well and my passport is alive and well on the desk beside me. Thank you so much! You certainly shall be processing my visas again in the near future, as well as those of many friends, who were delighted to hear about you.
Mr. Fosman reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Fosman
I needed a passport in a hurry and found your website on the internet. The price was very good and I dealt with Carlos, who went out of his way to make sure I had my passport delivered to me by February 4. In this day and age, it is very gratifying to find employees who will go that extra mile to help customers. Thank you again and I will recommend your company to all my friends.
Mr. Okuly reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Okuly
Thank you so much, I received my package today and a sigh of relief came over me. I cant tell you how thankful I am, I am going to recommend your website to anyone and everyone I know who is looking for a visa. Thanks again!
Mrs. Loquist reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Loquist
I would like to take the time out to thank you all for handling my visa for me and for keeping me informed with everything .. I will be using you in the future and telling everyone about your services.. Happy Holidays..God Bless
Mr. Smith reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Smith
I received my passport by 7am this morning. Thank you so much for your help in expediting my renewal. I had really created a bad situation for myself and was sure I would not be able to travel next week. But VisaHQ was able to do exactly what they advertise - a 24 hour turnaround on my passport renewal. I also appreciated the open channels of communication by phone, email and company website which kept me up to date on the exact status of my renewal.
Mr. Davis reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Davis
I'd like to thank you for the fast service you provided me with on getting my passport, I didn't expect it to even get here this fast.. it was amazing. Thank you very much and I'll make sure to use you if I have any passport troubles again. You are the best!
Mrs. Walton reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Walton
Thanks so much!! Just an FYI, I worked with Paul a lot of the time, and he provided me with excellent customer service. Just passing along some kudos.
Mr. Detommaso reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Detommaso
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your work, my passport was received today as promised by your company. What an excellent company and I will recommend you guys to everyone I know. Thank god for all your honesty and what a Class act. I will be able to make my departure date solely by your efforts...
Mr. Edeal reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Edeal
You rock! Thanks for the service and the update. Your professional communication and timely delivery has me very impressed and I will save your information and recommend that others use you when they need help with a Passport or Visa. That was cool.
Mrs. Burke reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Burke
Thank you so much! Your service has been outstanding as far as answering questions and helping me. I was really nervous but I appreciate the honesty and integrity you have put forth.
Mr. Houston reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Houston
I am still in the middle or processing my Visa for Bangladesh. Up to this point there have only been minor setbacks. I am amazed at the follow through and service I have received from your company. All along the way there has been complete follow up. When an issue came up not only was there a email request, I received a call from Tatiana. She was patient with me and certainly was interested in solving my problem. In most cases when dealing with people over the phone I find them more interested in giving their opinion or trained response rather than listening to caller. This was not the case with Tatiana. She made my problem her problem and took ownership of the process. Certainly I will use her as an example to myself as well as our employees as how to handle customers. Thank you for your time and service.
Mr. Siggins reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Siggins
You guys are awesome! Passport arrived today. Thanks!
Mr. Jones reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Jones
I just want to let you know that I have my passport with Australian visa inside. Thank you very much, the process was fast and efficient. I will definitely use visa HQ next time and will definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Have a good day!
Mr. Wilson reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Wilson
To the fine folks at VisaHQ,

Just wanted to send you a brief note to express my sincere appreciation for your wonderful service. With your help, this otherwise intimidating process was so simple, so efficient and so convenient. I was anticipating a very frustrating run around and what I received was the complete opposite.

Imagine my surprise when I called the number provided for assistance and received an answer on the second ring from a real person (not a recording) who didn't put me on hold but immediately (and I mean immediately, like "Oh yes, I have your file right here") retrieved my file and answered my questions personally. Wow! Where do you get that kind of service these days? I now know of one place - VisaHQ!

Hats off to your personnel and your organization. I felt like I was the only person in the entire continental U.S. applying for a visa. The email updates about my visa's progress and the seemless turnaround and delivery of my documents was really amazing. Thank you.

One very satisfied VisaHQ customer.
Mrs. Vesey reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Vesey
Thank you for your response to my question. I think you service has been extraordinary! You have efficiently tried to take care of our visas that were very rushed indeed.
Mrs. Chamberlain reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Chamberlain
Thank you very much for your professionalism and your service. I truly appreciate it! This trip is already stressful enough without having to travel though Paris with luggage to obtain a visa! you have taken a great deal of stress from me. I shall inform the company I work through of your services as well as all I know.
Mr. Jensen reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Jensen
I am eternally grateful for the hard work invested in getting the visa issued. I am sure that it took some good effort. Once again, many thanks.
Mr. Leeman reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Leeman
Thank you very much for your punctuality and professionalism. At first, I was reluctant to send important personal documents via any courier, however, I quickly understood the benefits of a reputable visa service provider when I realized that the closest consulate was a plane ride away. VisaHQ provided notifications every step of the way, helping me obtain multiple visas to Central Asian countries, on time and with care. Thank you!