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I would like to take the time out to thank you all for handling my visa for me and for keeping me informed with everything .. I will be using you in the future and telling everyone about your services.. Happy Holidays..God Bless
Mrs. Loquist 12.24.2008
I received my passport by 7am this morning. Thank you so much for your help in expediting my renewal. I had really created a bad situation for myself and was sure I would not be able to travel next week. But VisaHQ was able to do exactly what they advertise - a 24 hour turnaround on my passport renewal. I also appreciated the open channels of communication by phone, email and company website which kept me up to date on the exact status of my renewal.
Mr. Smith 12.18.2008
I'd like to thank you for the fast service you provided me with on getting my passport, I didn't expect it to even get here this fast.. it was amazing. Thank you very much and I'll make sure to use you if I have any passport troubles again. You are the best!
Mr. Davis 11.10.2008
Thanks so much!! Just an FYI, I worked with Paul a lot of the time, and he provided me with excellent customer service. Just passing along some kudos.
Mrs. Walton 10.29.2008
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your work, my passport was received today as promised by your company. What an excellent company and I will recommend you guys to everyone I know. Thank god for all your honesty and what a Class act. I will be able to make my departure date solely by your efforts...
Mr. Detommaso 10.10.2008
You rock! Thanks for the service and the update. Your professional communication and timely delivery has me very impressed and I will save your information and recommend that others use you when they need help with a Passport or Visa. That was cool.
Mr. Edeal 10.09.2008
Thank you so much! Your service has been outstanding as far as answering questions and helping me. I was really nervous but I appreciate the honesty and integrity you have put forth.
Mrs. Burke 09.09.2008
I am still in the middle or processing my Visa for Bangladesh. Up to this point there have only been minor setbacks. I am amazed at the follow through and service I have received from your company. All along the way there has been complete follow up. When an issue came up not only was there a email request, I received a call from Tatiana. She was patient with me and certainly was interested in solving my problem. In most cases when dealing with people over the phone I find them more interested in giving their opinion or trained response rather than listening to caller. This was not the case with Tatiana. She made my problem her problem and took ownership of the process. Certainly I will use her as an example to myself as well as our employees as how to handle customers. Thank you for your time and service.
Mr. Houston 09.07.2008
You guys are awesome! Passport arrived today. Thanks!
Mr. Siggins 09.05.2008
I just want to let you know that I have my passport with Australian visa inside. Thank you very much, the process was fast and efficient. I will definitely use visa HQ next time and will definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Have a good day!
Mr. Jones 09.01.2008
To the fine folks at VisaHQ,

Just wanted to send you a brief note to express my sincere appreciation for your wonderful service. With your help, this otherwise intimidating process was so simple, so efficient and so convenient. I was anticipating a very frustrating run around and what I received was the complete opposite.

Imagine my surprise when I called the number provided for assistance and received an answer on the second ring from a real person (not a recording) who didn't put me on hold but immediately (and I mean immediately, like "Oh yes, I have your file right here") retrieved my file and answered my questions personally. Wow! Where do you get that kind of service these days? I now know of one place - VisaHQ!

Hats off to your personnel and your organization. I felt like I was the only person in the entire continental U.S. applying for a visa. The email updates about my visa's progress and the seemless turnaround and delivery of my documents was really amazing. Thank you.

One very satisfied VisaHQ customer.
Mr. Wilson 08.20.2008
Thank you for your response to my question. I think you service has been extraordinary! You have efficiently tried to take care of our visas that were very rushed indeed.
Mrs. Vesey 08.19.2008
Thank you very much for your professionalism and your service. I truly appreciate it! This trip is already stressful enough without having to travel though Paris with luggage to obtain a visa! you have taken a great deal of stress from me. I shall inform the company I work through of your services as well as all I know.
Mrs. Chamberlain 08.03.2008
I am eternally grateful for the hard work invested in getting the visa issued. I am sure that it took some good effort. Once again, many thanks.
Mr. Jensen 07.17.2008
Thank you very much for your punctuality and professionalism. At first, I was reluctant to send important personal documents via any courier, however, I quickly understood the benefits of a reputable visa service provider when I realized that the closest consulate was a plane ride away. VisaHQ provided notifications every step of the way, helping me obtain multiple visas to Central Asian countries, on time and with care. Thank you!
Mr. Leeman 03.06.2008