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Thanks so much, John.
That did work out well for me. I appreciate the extra time you put on this one.
It should have been a tourist visa, actually. So Congo did get that right in the end. I'm tracking the DHL number now and will be at the hotel when it gets here. Looking forward to working with VisaHQ again next time.

Richard Blake McCharles 11.12.2014
This is the second time I have used visahq for my visa's. I am very happy for the help that you have given me. You were very gracious in helping me through this one. I am not very good on computers or printers so I have to get help to complete them. I will be making many more trips to china and will certainly be using you. I have also told me friends about and how helpful you have been and recommend that they use you for their travels in the future.
Cheyenne Edward 10.13.2014
We received our passports (including accurate visas) today and would like to thank John Garcia and VisaHQ for the excellent service they provided.

The process could not have been completed in a more timely fashion and we were kept fully informed by e-mail as soon as each step was completed.

Very impressed!
David Eaman (Collingwood, Ontario) 08.20.2014
I write this message to let you know how pleased I am with Peter Giesbrecht & your services. More important than your great prices is your excellent service & comprehensive knowledge.

I have asked many (too ?) questions both in person & over the phone. Many of the countries I want to visit have different limitations & requirements, such as the need for proof of accommodation for the entire stay, different effective dates- date of issuance or date entry, that even with a 90 day visa, 1 must exit the country ever 29 days, etc.!!!

I have used you before (Brazil. Indonesia, East Africa), & I’ll use you again.
Mr. Harvey Blackmore 05.14.2014