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A visa is not required for this destination.

Visa is not required for a stay up to 90 days

Visa is not required for a stay up to 90 days

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    A visa is not required for this destination.

    A visa is not required for this destination.

    Sounds good! What else do I need to know while planning a trip to Montenegro?
    • First, check the current validity of your passport.

    • Second, make sure your passport has blank Visa pages.

    • Confirm if transit visa is required for any connections.

      Check with your airline in case you have connecting flights overseas as part of your journey to Montenegro. It may be the case that countries you pass through en route to your destination may require a separate transit visa. Please refer to visa requirements of the specific country
    Additional information
      • Check visa

      Montenegro Visa Policy

      Montenegro, a land of breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage, welcomes travelers from around the world with its enchanting landscapes and vibrant cities. To ensure a smooth and legal entry into this Balkan gem, foreigners must adhere to Montenegro's well-established visa policies. A visa serves as the official authorization document, granting permission to enter, reside, and exit the country. Typically affixed or stamped in the passport, a visa is a prerequisite for non-citizens seeking to explore the wonders of Montenegro.

      Over the years, Montenegro's visa policy has been diligently observed by global travelers, ensuring order and security within its borders. While every non-citizen must possess a valid visa to enter Montenegro legally, certain exceptions apply to nationals from European Union countries, as well as countries like the USA, Britain, Australia, and Canada.

      The specific visa requirements for visiting Montenegro can vary based on an individual's nationality and purpose of travel, aligning with the Montenegro Visa Policy. Other factors, such as the intended duration of stay, also play a crucial role in determining the appropriate visa category for travelers.

      The Montenegro Visa Policy caters to the diverse needs of travelers, offering various types of visas and travel authorizations. Whether it's for leisure or business purposes, visitors can obtain the relevant visa to make their journey to Montenegro a reality.

      To secure a visa, travelers must approach one of Montenegro's diplomatic missions in their home country. Following the guidelines outlined in the Montenegro Visa Policy, applicants from almost all nations are required to submit a visa application for their intended purpose of visit.

      However, it's worth noting that citizens of approximately 97 countries enjoy visa exemption, granting them the privilege to enter Montenegro without obtaining a visa. These travelers need only possess a valid passport and are permitted to stay in Montenegro for up to 90 days, allowing them to explore the country's wonders and immerse themselves in its captivating culture.

      Montenegro E-VISA

      To get an eVisa for Montenegro, visitors need just comply with a few guidelines. The online application is simple to use and takes very little time to complete. The traveller is responsible for uploading passport photos and paying any applicable fees online.

      Tourists and businesspeople alike may take advantage of the eVisa system's streamlined processes. Applicants must provide a working email address in their eVisa applications so that the electronic visa may be issued to them. When the eVisa status changes to "GRANTED," the visitor is allowed to enter Montenegro.

      Visitors with a tourist eVisa are allowed to remain in the nation for up to 90 days, while those with a business eVisa may stay for the amount of time stated on their company's invitation letter. Montenegro's eVisa system, which embraces the digital era, simplifies the visa procedure, allowing visitors visiting the attractive Balkan location to more quickly begin their adventures or do business.

      Short-stay (C) Visa

      Explore the wonders of Montenegro with the Short-stay (C) Visa, offering the freedom of one, two, or multiple entries for various purposes like tourism, business, personal trips, and more. You can bask in the beauty of Montenegro or conduct essential business ventures, all under the umbrella of this versatile visa.

      Stay durations are carefully regulated, allowing for a continuous visit or a series of consecutive trips, but never exceeding a total of 90 days within a 6-month period from the date of first entry. For frequent travelers, the Multiple-entry C Visa is valid for up to one year, providing the convenience of easeful journeys.

      In exceptional cases, this visa can be granted for an extended period, though not surpassing five years, granting long-term access to this enchanting destination. Additionally, a collective visa can be issued to groups of foreigners, with a validity period of up to 30 days and the option of being affixed to a group passport.

      Montenegro Long-Stay Visas

      Experience Montenegro with the Montenegro Long-stay Visa (D), designed for globetrotters seeking to immerse themselves in this beautiful country for an extended period. Whether you're drawn by business opportunities or simply captivated by Montenegro's charm, this visa offers the freedom to stay for more than 90 days, up to six months within a year from your first entry.

      Discover the possibilities that await you with this visa:

      1. Business and Expert Advisory Activities: Entrepreneurs and professionals can explore business ventures, provide expert advice, and foster international cooperation through long-term production, technology transfer, and foreign investments.
      2. Diplomatic and Consular Representatives: Esteemed members of foreign diplomatic and consular offices, as well as international organizations accredited to Montenegro, can embrace their roles while their family members enjoy the privileges of accompanying them with diplomatic or official passports.

      Additionally, if you seek an extended stay for specific reasons, you may qualify for temporary residence in Montenegro under the Long-stay Visa (D) provisions. This allows you to extend your visit beyond 90 days for various purposes:

      • Employment and Work, Performing Economic or Business Activity: Seize the opportunity to contribute your expertise and skills to Montenegro's vibrant economy.
      • Seasonal Work: Experience the diverse culture of Montenegro while engaging in seasonal work.
      • Secondary Education and Studies: Broaden your horizons with exceptional educational opportunities in Montenegro.
      • Participation in Student Exchange Programs or Other Youth Programs: Enrich your perspective and create lasting memories through youth programs and student exchanges.
      • Specialization or Professional Training and Acquisition of Practical Skills: Acquire specialized knowledge and practical skills in your chosen field.
      • Scientific Research Work: Collaborate with local experts and advance your research endeavors.
      • Medical Treatment: Seek top-notch medical care while surrounded by Montenegro's scenic beauty.
      • Family Reunification: Reunite with your loved ones and cherish precious moments together.
      • Humanitarian Reasons: Engage in humanitarian efforts and make a positive impact on society.
      • Other Justified Reasons Specified by Law or International Agreement: If you have a compelling reason to stay, we welcome your application.

      Montenegro Transit (B) Visa

      Introducing the Montenegro Transit (B) Visa, your passport to seamless travel through the picturesque landscapes of Montenegro. This visa allows for one, two, or in exceptional cases, several transits through the charming territory of Montenegro, with a generous validity period of up to 6 months.

      With the Montenegro Transit Visa, foreigners can enjoy a stay of up to 5 days on each journey, making it a convenient option for travelers passing through this enchanting country. To be eligible for this visa, the foreigner must already have secured entry into the destination state to which they are traveling.

      Whether you're an individual adventurer or part of a group, the Montenegro Transit (B) Visa caters to both individual and collective travel needs. So get ready to embark on your transit journey with ease and experience the beauty and wonders of Montenegro along the way.

      Montenegro Airport Transit (A) Visa 

      The Montenegro Airport Transit (A) Visa offers a seamless passage for foreigners transiting through the airport's international transit area without entering the territory of Montenegro. Designed for those with one or multiple transits between international flights, this visa provides a validity period of up to 3 months.

      In most cases, foreigners who remain within the international transit area during their layover at a Montenegro airport or while on international flights do not need a visa. However, for reasons of national security and legal order, the Government of Montenegro may require nationals of specific countries to obtain an Airport Transit visa.

      Travel with ease and convenience through Montenegro's airports, knowing that the Airport Transit (A) Visa ensures a smooth journey without the need for unnecessary formalities during your layovers.

      Montenegro Visa Online – Get your Montenegro E-Visa with VisaHQ

      Dreaming of exploring the picturesque landscapes, historic towns, and stunning coastlines of Montenegro? Make your travel aspirations a reality with VisaHQ's seamless and efficient Montenegro visa online service. Getting your Montenegro e-visa has never been easier! Whether you're a seasoned globetrotter or a first-time adventurer, VisaHQ ensures a hassle-free application process, leaving you with more time to plan your unforgettable Montenegrin journey. 

      Embrace the Adriatic charm of this Balkan gem and experience the cultural wonders it has to offer. Let VisaHQ be your trusted guide, granting you access to this enchanting destination. Begin your Montenegro adventure today!

      How to obtain a Montenegro E-Visa with VisaHQ?

      Obtaining a Montenegro E-Visa through VisaHQ is a hassle-free process that can be completed swiftly. Here's a simple guide on how to apply for a Montenegro E-Visa:

      • Visit VisaHQ Website: Begin by accessing the VisaHQ website and selecting the Montenegro E-Visa option from the available visa types.
      • Complete the Application Form: Fill out the online application form with accurate and up-to-date information to ensure a smooth application process.
      • Upload Required Documents: Depending on the type of E-Visa you choose, you may need to upload specific documents to support your application.
      • Payment: Make the necessary payment for the E-Visa processing using the available secure payment options.
      • Application Processing: Once submitted, your application will be processed by VisaHQ. Typically, this takes a few days, but it may vary based on the visa type and other factors.
      • Receive Your E-Visa: Once your application is approved, you will receive your Montenegro E-Visa electronically via email. Make sure to print it out and carry it alongside the passport you used during the application.

      With VisaHQ, the process of obtaining a Montenegro E-Visa is efficient and straightforward, allowing you to focus on your upcoming trip with peace of mind.

      Why Use VisaHQ?

      Opting for VisaHQ for all your visa needs is a smart decision with a myriad of benefits. Here's why you should use VisaHQ:

      • Swift and Effortless Application Process: VisaHQ offers a fast and simple visa application process, saving you time and hassle.
      • Established Industry Presence: With over two decades of experience since 2003, and 20 offices spanning six countries, VisaHQ provides reliable and trustworthy service.
      • Expert Support: Benefit from first-class professional support from VisaHQ's experienced team, ensuring a smooth application experience.
      • Secure and Safe: VisaHQ provides a safe and secure platform for all your personal information and documents.
      • User-Friendly Interface: The application interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and complete your visa application.
      • Track Application Progress: Easily track the status of your visa application throughout the process.
      • Multiple E-Visas at Once: Apply for multiple e-visas simultaneously, simplifying the process for frequent travelers.
      • Document Storage: Save your essential documents for future applications, streamlining the process for subsequent visa requests.
      • Data Encryption: VisaHQ employs encrypted website technology to safeguard your sensitive data.

      With a broad network of experts and technical support across continents, VisaHQ ensures that you receive top-notch service whenever you need it. Head to the VisaHQ visa application page now to complete your application or reach out with any questions, and rest assured, you'll receive a prompt response. 

      Montenegro COVID-19 travel restrictions

      • Entry is open
        Montenegro is open for travelers from all countries without restrictions.
        Prior to arrival restrictions
        Valid passport. Valid national passport with at least 6 month remaining validity after the date of departure.
        Valid visa. Please see the instructions above if you need visa and apply.

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